Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wow, Kentucky Derby is Over

Glenn and I had the opportunity to attend the Kentucky Derby 140th Running for the Roses last week. More importantly for me was the opportunity to participate in the Longines Kentucky Oaks Fashion Contest wearing one of my latest creations( hat that is). No diamond watch came home with me:(

My hat was ready, i was ready and the long line began. I was about #7 in line to walk the pink carpet but by the time I got to the beginning of the line I was #51 to strut ( did I really say that? LOL!) the pink carpet.

So you can see how anxious all the ladies were to get to the front of the line and push to get those prized numbers identifying them. There were enough numbers for all if us. 200 to be exact. It was fun taking pics of all the hats. Miss America introduced all if us without a break! There were three judges and I introduced myself to all of them. Lots of photographers were taking pics and a couple stopped me for a snapshot... Haven't seen it on the front page of any newspaper though  lol!

The closest we got to the real action was getting to see the jockeys come down the stairs before they jumped on their horses and the closet I saw of any celebs was Josh Elliott.

All in all, great time, great weather and great experience.