Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wow, Kentucky Derby is Over

Great opportunity to attend the Kentucky Derby 140th Running for the Roses. More importantly for me was the chance to be in the Fashion Contest for the Kentucky Oaks on Friday of last week.  My hat was ready, I was ready and the long line began.  I was about #7 in line to walk the pink carpet but ended up being #51 to actually strut (did I say that...LOL!) across the runway. Sooo you can see how anxious all of the ladies were to get in (or should I say push their way in front of me and others). There were enough numbers for 200 of us. It was fun taking pictures of all the lovely hats.  Miss America was the emcee and she introduced all of us...(big job) without a break! There were three judges...will post their names later. I met each of them, not sure if that was what we were supposed to do but I wanted to know who they were.  Lots of photographers were taking our pictures and a couple of them had me stop so they could take my picture....guess they liked my hat....haven't seen it on the front page of anything so maybe I was just dreaming.

Another man stopped me to make nice comments and got out the smart phone and took a pic of my hat.  Maybe he stopped everyone.....

The closest we got to the real action was seeing the jockeys come down the stairs to head to the paddock and jump on their horses. It was fun seeing them up close.  The oldest was 47...Wow, gutsy guy.  Of course it was also fun seeing a gal participate.

Hats, hats everywhere. Lots of color, lots of great people watching.  Only celeb I think I saw was Josh Elliot.  They were far from where we were.

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