Thursday, March 27, 2014

Application In for OFW August show

Today I filled out my application to be considered for Omaha Fashion Week in August. Exciting new collection in the thinking process.  It's amazing to me what attention OFW can give a designer.  I received a message from the executive producer of the Santa Fe Fashion Week wanting me to fill out an application for their event. There is a $2000 entry fee so that probably won't happen, at least this year.  The publicity afforded Margie Trembley Chapeaux has been amazing. Thanks to all the great photographers, writers, videographers who made it happen.  I am truly blessed.

Please stop in and see the March collection.  A couple of the pieces will not be there as they went to their owners, but there's still a lot to see.

Am looking for  a couple of volunteer who would like to assist me with a little hand sewing. Any takers?

Just was informed that I received a scholarship from FIG to perdure additional education in millinery.  That makes me very happy. :)

Stay tuned.

Friday, March 21, 2014

My love for all things Japanese continues!

Last night was an incredible presentation by Jay Rich.  It was great to see Andy Galley in one of his slides.  Andrew is a videographer who produces a lot of art videos.  I met him on the net when I was having an issue with a dvd I had previously bought and he was generous in replacing it for me.  It's fun following Andrew's trecks across the world as he pursues his passion. Haven't visited with him lately so must do some catching up some day soon.

Now a bit about the great evening at the University. Jay is so knowledgable about natural dyes: the clamp resist method of dyeing and paper and fabric folding.  He has recently studied more on natural dyeing and he graciously shared some of that information.  I love touching the fabric and trying to figure out how the incredible patterns were formed.  Obviously Jay has a passion for that too.  After his slide presentation, the friends of the Robert Hillsted Gallery hosted a reception upstairs and I got to see the amazing exhibit of kimono's that were donated by a former student in the textiles department as well as some of Jay's pieces.  I was able to come home with a couple of fine crafted shibori kimonos. Jay donated them to the Friends and they were then offered for sale to those in attendance.  Lucky me!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Visit to Lincoln

Today is a much anticipated event in Lincoln, NE. Jay Rich will be lecturing on Referencing and Replicating Japanese Kimono Design at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln.  We have used naturally dyed fibers in some hats and look forward to learning more about the history and processes used.  We got a taste of natural dyeing last weekend at the studio of Dan Klima and Nancy Lepo in Omaha.

My experiences have been with using kakishibu, a rust colored natural color from fermented juice of the unripened astringent persimmons from Japan, Indigo dyes from Japan & India and cochineal, a scale insect from which the crimson-colored dye carmine is derived.  I have also experimented with yellow onion skins and walnut hulls.

Soon I hope to use more natural dyed fabrics in my hat creations. Below is a photo of some of my cochineal dyed wool. Will post more of the pics from Jay's exploration class soon.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hats Featured in Omaha World Herald's Inspired Living Magazine!

Photo by Chris Christen
This evening I went to the Omaha World Herald building in downtown Omaha to pick up the newest issue of Inspired Living Magazine.

During rack check for Omaha Fashion Week, I was asked by Editorial Manager of Custom Publications, Chris Christen, to take four hats to Hooten Images for consideration for the upcoming issue. At that time, I had no idea if the hats would even make it into the publication.

For several days, I waited in anticipation of seeing the magazine, and when I arrived at the Omaha World Herald, I was pleasantly surprised to see two hats in several photos! 

Chris captured my excitement in this photo and stated on her Facebook page that I said "It's so cool!"

See a copy of the complete publication HERE.

One More Day!

Avalon Huddleston
Only one more day! We are busy doing the final preparations for Margie's hats to be on the Omaha Fashion Week runway tomorrow evening!

Final touches are being put on the hats, friend Avalon Huddleston from Nashville will be coming in later this evening in preparation for watching the models and designs on the runway Friday and Saturday evening, and hats will soon be loaded up to make the trip to the Omar Bakery tomorrow.

We have been preparing for tomorrow evening for months and are looking forward for the Margie TrembleyChapeaux Couture 2014 collection to make their debut!

Friend Avalon Huddleston and Molly the Fire Safety Dog

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

4-H Night at Omaha Fashion Week

Last night was the opening night for Omaha Fashion Week

4-H’ers and Kent Bellows Studio Fashion Arts’young people did an amazing job! What wonderful designs, students!

Develop Model Agency and Margie Trembley Chapeaux model Meghan Gladney was a platform model.

Model Meghan Gladney
Looking forward to seeing their future works in the fashion industry!

Only two more days until Margie Trembley Chapeaux Couture hats are on the runway at Omaha Fashion Week!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A New Design!

Models aren’t the only ones that will be wearing Margie Trembley Chapeaux hats on Friday and Saturday evening at Omaha Fashion Week!

Today Margie worked on her one-of-a-kind hat that she will be wearing Friday evening on the debut of her 2014 line.

Playing with different fabrics and materials, this hat will go through many changes before it is finished.

Hope to see you at Omaha Fashion Week!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Omaha Fashion Week Rehearsal Night

This evening 2014 Omaha FashionWeek rehearsal was held for the models, including the models of the Margie Trembley Chapeaux Couture line at the Omar Bakery in Omaha.

Meghan, Jennifer, Amber, Olivia, Jensen, Jasmine and Sydne practiced walking on the runway for the venue.

This was the first time the models carried the “Margie Trembley” hatbox and they made it look great on the runway. Just wait until they are in their dresses wearing the beautiful hats!


The models did a wonderful job and we are so excited to see them walk the runway Friday night!

Proud Moms

Our Models for Omaha Fashion Week 2014!

Omaha Fashion Week is less than one week away and we are excited to introduce our very special and talented models from Develop Model Management

Develop Model Management is a sponsor of Omaha Fashion Week and its casting director is responsible for managing scouting, booking and training models. We thank them for the wonderful models that will be modeling our hats on the runway!

Each model was invited to come to Springfield Artworks Gallery and pick out anything that they wanted to wear for a photo to show their style!

Here they are!


Model Olivia Freeman
Meet Olivia Freeman. When asked to describe herself in one word, Olivia shared that she is "Creative." We just love creative people!

Olivia likes skinny jeans, boots, tank tops, leather jackets, and sometimes she wear hats. We hope that after OFW, she will love hats even more!

Olivia has been modeling about two months and said that her favorite model is Miranda Kerr, because her friends say sometimes she looks like her.

With her modeling career, Olivia hopes to travel and see the world! We bet you will be doing that someday, Olivia!

Olivia loves to dance, sing and play the piano in her free time.

Model Jensen Theisen

Jensen describes herself as "Unique." We couldn't agree more, Jensen!

A big believer in natural hair and make-up, Jensen believes that a natural look brings out the true beauty in a person: a style that is different from others.

Jensen's favorite designer is Michael Kors. What draws her to his designs are the "Simple, but high fashion look."

Jensen has been modeling for four years and her favorite model is Cara Delevingne. She loves Cara's style and feels that the two of them have the same taste. "Cara has a very natural look, and that is what I love," said Jensen.

Jensen's aspirations are to travel the world and her favorite hobby is every girl's dream: shopping! We like the way you think, Jensen!


Model Sydne Weber
We love the way Sydne describes herself in one word as, "Inviting." Makes you want to learn more about her, doesn't it? Well, wait no longer!

Not one to play it safe when it comes to her style, she likes to wear things that make a statement and are unique.

Sydne's favorite designer is Kate Spade. When asked why, she said, "I’m in love with her purses and watches."

This is her first year modeling and her favorite model is Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepole. Sydne likes Candice because "She worked hard to get where she is and she’s genuinely nice and talented."

Sydne wants to be involved in something amazing someday and hopes to make a difference. We think you are one your way, Sydne!

Sydne's favorite hobbies include music/singing, baking, exercising, exploring (when the weather is nice!)


Model Jennifer Tworek
When Jennifer walked into the gallery, she eluded "Fun," when we met her! We found that all of the models matched their favorite word to describe them perfectly!

Jennifer described her style as one that tends to be an "Eclectic rocker girl vibe". Jennifer likes to take pieces that are polished on their own and give them grit with accessories, makeup and hair styling. Doesn't that sound like fun?

Jennifer likes to channel European style and always tries to remember Yves Saint Laurent’s guidance “Fashion fades, style is eternal.”

Theory is Jennifer's favorite designer. "They have great basic pieces with clean lines and a minimalistic style that can be dressed up or down. A lot of my wardrobe is black and white that I can throw pops of color into, and that really mirrors what you see in their collections."

Jennifer has been modeling off and on since she was 17 years old. 

When asked about her favorite models, she found that to be a challenging question! Jennifer has several favorites, including Erin Wasson, Freja Beha Erichsen, Arizona Muse and Daria Werbowy. She went on to say, "I guess my favorite favorite is Erin Wasson. I love her sense of style and her laid back, cool attitude."

Jennifer would absolutely love to see an actual career in modeling. She aspires to be a full-time model and "really put my heart and soul into it. I love modeling and honestly hope to just do what I love to the fullest." We have a feeling that you will reach your dream someday, Jennifer!

Jennifer takes her fashion as a "Serious hobby of mine. Hobby/obsession if I’m being honest. Ripping out magazine pages that speak to me, trying to re-create a runway look that I could never afford, guessing what will be the next big thing by keeping tabs on designer muses, I love it all and will never get bored with it!"


Model Jasmin Folkers
"Adventurous" is how model Jasmin Folkers describes herself in one word. We could tell that Jasmin was adventurous when she was in the gallery picking an outfit and accessories that described her style!

"My fashion style is very colorful. I love mixing and matching colors and patterns, while making it look put together. I like clothes that are uniquely shaped and have lots of different textures."

When asked about her favorite designer, she shared that her favorite is Sherri Hill. "Her dresses are unique, yet beautiful and stylish for everyone."

Jasmin started modeling classes at Develop Model Management in the beginning of December 2013. This will be her first time on the runway at Omaha Fashion Week.

She described Karlie Kloss is her favorite model, because, "She is very tall, beautiful and came from a smaller city." She went onto say, "She is amazing and I aspire to be like her." We bet you will one day, Jasmin!

Jasmin hopes to be in Paris Fashion Week some day and make a future career of modeling. We can see you walking the runway in Paris, Jasmin! 

In her free time, she enjoys painting designs on her nails, enjoying dance classes, specifically point class.


Model Eli Contreras

“Cheerful” is how Eli describes herself and we could tell right away when she visited the gallery to have her photo made that the description was right on target!

Eli describes her fashion style during the day as “Simple, minimal, and casual.” She continued, “Depending on the event, I like to accessorize and play with prints.”

Eli’s favorite designer is YSL. She feels that his collection is inspired by different cultures and behaviors.

Modeling a year now, Eli’s first runway show was last year’s Spring show for Omaha Fashion Week.

Coco Rocha, a Canadian model known worldwide, is Eli’s favorite model. Eli shared that, “Coco’s ability to move behind the camera is incredible.” 

Eli hopes she can travel one day and be a well-known model. She said she always encourages herself to follow her dreams. We hope your dreams comes true, Eli!

Eli's aspirations include pursuing modeling as a career. She enjoys playing sports, especially tennis and swimming. One of her biggest hobbies is spending time with her family whom, she feels is, “The most valuable thing in my life." 

Model Meghan Gladney

When asked to describe herself in one word, "Smiles" is the the perfect word Meghan used. You can tell by her photo that that is the perfect description!

We had such a fun time taking pictures of Meghan. Describing her fashion style as "Fun and relaxed" (with her Mother chiming in "Romantic with an edge"), we couldn't agree more!

Meghan's favorite designer is Zac Posen. She shared that "His designs grab your attention as soon as you see them. I love every dress he makes."

Modeling for almost a year, Meghan's favorite model is Jordan Van Der Vyver, because, "She has one of those faces that you love to look at. I would love to have one of those faces."

Meghan told us that she would love to "Make it" in New York, work for New York Fashion Week and work with all the top names in fashion. We think you are on your way, Meghan!

In addition to fashion, Meghan likes volleyball, swimming, running and show choir.


Model Amber Patton
"Fashionista" is how model Amber Patton describes herself in one word.

When asked to describe her fashion style, she said that she enjoys wearing bedazzled jeans, dressy "Girly" tops, "Sparkly" boots, having her hair down and wavy, wearing big diamond earrings (you go girl!) and touching her look off with red lipstick.

Amber's favorite designer is Michael Kors, because "He has the most adorable, jaw-dropping shoes!" You gotta love that!

Amber has been with Develop Model Management for 8 months and for the past two years she has been doing fashion shows at Offutt Air Force Base.

Nicole Keimg with Develop Model Management is her favorite model. "Not only is she beautiful and gorgeous, she is so kind, funny and has a great personality," she said.

Amber hopes to make it to Paris so that the French 1 class that she took in high school will actually count for something. She can't wait to travel the world someday. We hope your dreams come true, Amber!

Her hobbies include competitive cheerleading and dancing.

Thank you to all the wonderful models for stopping by and allowing us to share more about their amazing lives! Best of luck, girls! We know that each of you will have an amazing journey in modeling!