Friday, March 21, 2014

My love for all things Japanese continues!

Last night was an incredible presentation by Jay Rich.  It was great to see Andy Galley in one of his slides.  Andrew is a videographer who produces a lot of art videos.  I met him on the net when I was having an issue with a dvd I had previously bought and he was generous in replacing it for me.  It's fun following Andrew's trecks across the world as he pursues his passion. Haven't visited with him lately so must do some catching up some day soon.

Now a bit about the great evening at the University. Jay is so knowledgable about natural dyes: the clamp resist method of dyeing and paper and fabric folding.  He has recently studied more on natural dyeing and he graciously shared some of that information.  I love touching the fabric and trying to figure out how the incredible patterns were formed.  Obviously Jay has a passion for that too.  After his slide presentation, the friends of the Robert Hillsted Gallery hosted a reception upstairs and I got to see the amazing exhibit of kimono's that were donated by a former student in the textiles department as well as some of Jay's pieces.  I was able to come home with a couple of fine crafted shibori kimonos. Jay donated them to the Friends and they were then offered for sale to those in attendance.  Lucky me!

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