Sunday, July 31, 2016

Lazy Days of Summer Aren't Lazy Days Around Here

Yes, that's right.  No laziness here. We have been experimenting with our new product from Australia which arrive a little over a week ago. Grab the 13 yards of silk and begin playing Margie decided. The product is called Liquid Radiance and there are so many uses for all kinds of fiber artists. Immediately Margie began to mix a drop of this color and a drop of that color and she came up with some dynamite colors on her silk pieces.  Next time she will keep track of what colors she used.  It was sheer play for her as she couldn't wait to jump into the processes. Her sheep apron was the closest to her work space so now the sheep (yet to be named) has a nice little red dot on her forehead...soon to be removed!

Designs are always floating around in Margie's head so we need to get them out and implementing them.

She has been brushing up on some social media skills and she is so lucky that she has DoSpace and Metro Community College so close.  She also has taken advantage of some of the workshops provided by the Fashion Institute Guild, here in Omaha. She continues to mentor her star high school student Frank as he prepares for his first ever appearance in Omaha Fashion Week.

Photo Credits:
Hat Designer: Margie Trembley Chapeaux
Model: HaleyM Develop Model Management
Photographer: Heather and Jameson
Dress Designer: Leah Kareen Studios
Hair & Makeup: Kali Rahder
Stylist: Margaret Jow

She also is helping hubby Glenn with his new website Springfield Artworks is now officially licensed to produce Greek sorority gifts. He is starting small but will progress to other sorority gifts as demand continues.  Let us know if you have a sorority connection you would like us to persue.

Good Bye for now and as Margie's
sister Judy used to say "See you in the funny papers."

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