Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring has Sprung and we are one busy place

        It's been a whirlwind at the Margie Trembley Chapeaux studio, preparing for the Kentucky Derby, Omaha Fashion and Styling events, Press releases, classes and on and on....It's exciting being a part of all of this whirlwind of activities. Hat boxes have arrived to hold the large hats that are in demand for the Kentucky Derby and Steeplechases around the country.

        We had a great photo shot with Christian Behr of two identical twins wearing small cocktail type hats that would work for little girls or Moms. Easter hats were also created this year for little ones but they also would work for weddings, First Communions or other little girl events (teas, etc)

Tea Anyone?

Baby It's Cold Outside!
In My Easter Bonnett
 Getting ready to go to the Kentucky Derby is always fun... x hat, x dress,
x shoes, x hat packed in hat box for ease in travel, x hotel, x rental car, x Derby ticket, x Directions to Churchill Downs, x Parking info....whew, guess we are ready. We will have a great time wearing our hats, being in the Fashion Contest at the Kentucky Oaks on the day before the Derby....Remember Margie Trembley, look for the PINK CARPET!

We have had a couple of press visits at our studio in the last several months. USA Today Journalists and photographers who write for the Atlanta Constitution, Denver Post, etc and of course the local press.  That is always exciting and makes us straighten the studio up a know how artists are......Watch the local press for a couple of photos that were taken both at our studio and off-site. It's exciting.

We have been asked to have three or four of our hats in the Fashion Show Fundraiser for the Omaha Law League coming up on April 24. Members of that group will be modeling our hats.  Can hardly wait.

A group within the AkSsrben Foundation is having a Kentucky Derby Party and have asked me to provide the presentation that I did at Omaha Fashion Week.  We will have a professional musician, dressed like the "real thing"  play "Call to the Post" on a long horn, 8 models from Develop Model Management wear their "jockey outfits" and our hats, carrying crops provided by the Paddock in Omaha.  The boots and bugler outfits will be provided by Dehner Boot Company in Omaha as well. We couldn't do it without these wonderful suppliers....hats off to them! (Is that a pun or what? :)

The Kentucky Derby is just around the corner....are you ready?

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