Thursday, November 20, 2014

Margie Trembley Chapeaux hats return from Paris, France for a photo shoot for Ish Magazine

Recently after a trip to Chicago to pick up some supplies for her hats, Margie stopped in Des Moines,IA to retrieve her 3 hats that were used for a photo shoot in Paris, France at the Eiffel Tower, Opera House, Hotel R de Paris and other venues.  Camille Renee, architectural photographer from Des Moines recently took Margie's hats for a photo shoot for Camille's new online magazine, Ish.  It was fun seeing photos of the photographer taking photos of Margie's hats.  Jessica Schaeffer was Camille's able assistant and model for some of the shoot.

The hats are safe and sound back at the studio, so you can drop in anytime to see them.

People often comment, I don't know how to wear a hat or a fascinator. The art seems to have been lost when women and girls stopped wearing hats when the more casual look, bouffant hairdos came into play.  Some say that when ladies started getting their hair done weekly, hats went out of favor, but in inquiring with a college theatre millinery instructor, Margie feels it was because everyone wanted the more relaxed, casual look.

As we start to see that turn around and more posts like what was in the Denver Post about hats coming back into favor, we see more and more hats being worn. It's exciting for a milliner, such as Margie Trembley, who has only been in this field approximately 4 years, to be in on that "new beginning."

As evidenced by the enthusiasm shared recently by 51milliners (including Margie) at Millinery Meet Up at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, in  Gatlinburg, Tennessee,  hat wearers are definitely on the rise!

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